Uniform items

The uniform items are available at Jack Sutherlands Menswear in Oamaru.
Also, Papakaio Home and School have some second hand items available.
Feel free to check out what is available at the school office.

Footwear is expected to be sneakers or footwear that is suitable for all school activities.

It is acceptable to wear navy long sleeved polyprop tops during the colder months. Navy tights or long socks are recommended for girls wearing culottes in winter.
Greer is wearing the school rugby jersey.

Sutherlands prices

Short sleeve polo top $26.50
Trackpants $39.90
Polar fleece $42.00
Shorts $32.00
Culottes (girls) $60.00
Rugby jersey $65.00 child $80.00 adult
Jacket $50.00
Cargo Shorts (unisex) $32.00
Cargo Pants (unisex) $38.00
Khloe is wearing the school culottes and a school polar fleece. The polarfleece has a 1/2 zip and Papakaio monogrammed on the front.
Emily is wearing our school jacket.
Bucket hats are provided by the school for the summer months.
Drewbert and Emily are wearing the school short sleeve polo top. Papakaio is printed on the back.
Flynn is wearing the cargo shorts, which also come in pants length. These are unisex.

​​Possible uniform addition

​We have been investigating adding a Merino Jersey to our uniform. Several people have requested this as they are warm, durable and smart. We are in the process of completing due diligence around this so we get the best value for parents but it looks like they will be $85 each. While not decided here is the website for you to check out the company. 
We are also investigating a school beanie.