School Info

School Dates 2018

Term 1 - Tuesday 30th January until Friday 13th April
Term 2 - Monday 30th April until Friday 6th July
Term 3 - Monday 23rd July until Friday 28th September
Term 4 - Monday 15th October until Friday 14th December

School Hours

8:30 School Grounds Open, Office Attended
9:00 School Begins
11:00 Morning Break
11:20 School resumes
12:30 Lunch Break
1:25 Afternoon Programme
3:00 School Finishes

School Donations

​Each year the BoT sets a suggested school donation however the BoT, in anticipation of pending government policy, is not asking for School Donations in 2018.

School Bus

There are two buses which service our school. The Blue Bus runs west to Georgetown and the Yellow Bus which runs east to Pukeuri and surrounding areas. Children must follow the bus rules.
To find out times and routes please contact the principal.
Please find more bus information by hovering your mouse over the School Information tab, then clicking on school buses.


Newsletters are sent via email each Thursday or if you do not have email/internet access a hard copy is sent home with the eldest child in your family. The Newsletters are numbered so that you can keep track of them. It is a good idea to keep a file of the newsletters for future reference. They are also available on this website.
A Community Newsletter comprising of 1-2 issues per term is distributed throughout the district. Items can be left at the school office or emailed to


Assembly is held most Fridays in the School Hub at 2.30pm. All Whanau and friends are welcome to join us. This is a chance for each class to share their work or perform an item.
Certificates are awarded from each class teacher for achievement, effort, improvement or exceptional acts of responsibility.

Reporting to Parents

We are committed to team approach to education and endeavour to keep parents well-informed as to their child's achievement. A summary of progress is sent home in week 12, 24 and 36 of the year. This also states what the next steps are for your child to continue their progress and gives an indication of your child’s attitude and work habits.This record forms the basis of the school's official reporting programme.

At the end of the year a summarised account of your child’s progress and achievements will be completed. If you require more than one copy please let the secretary know.

Parent/Teacher interviews are advertised in the weekly school newsletter in early term 2 for all families, but teachers are available at any stage of the year for an interview to discuss your child’s progress. For such meetings it is helpful to arrange a time out of school hours when the teacher can have the necessary information available, and give you his/her undivided attention.

Parent Helpers

Throughout the year we often ask for help with various school activities, and we very much appreciate the help that we receive. Some of these activities include, helping in the classroom, assisting with EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom), sports, coaching, swimming instruction, help in the library and many other areas,

There are many opportunities for parents/carers to be involved in our school.If you would like to help please talk to your child’s teacher or Mr Shirley.

Information Booklet

Please look at our school booklet by opening the file below for more information. 
" It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


Being the best I can be.

At Papakaio we celebrate success and effort.
Children learn best when they are engaged.
Thanks to all the parents who help with school activities, we couldn't do it without you.