Community Consultation

School Vision

​The BoT is beginning a process of community consultation around our school vision and is looking for your input. Is the vision still relevant? What needs changed, updated?The vision has been discussed at the Tree Consultation Meeting, The Home and School and the BoT Meeting. The children will have a chance to have input as well.  If you would like to have some input please email or ring me with your ideas of what is important in guiding the way we do school at Papakaio. Here is a link to our vision discussion document. ​
Papakaio School Vision Explanation Consultation (1) (1).pdf
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School Trees

​Trees - Thank you to those that have given us you views on the trees and the powerlines issue. Following the public meeting the BoT has given the responsibility to a sub-committee to follow up with the following over-arching understandings. We will do our best to manage the three favourite trees and look to remove or control the others in a cost effective way. We would like to thank Derek Beveridge for coming out to facilitate the public meeting.

Possible uniform addition

​We have been investigating adding a Marino Jersey to our uniform. Several people have requested this as they are warm, durable and smart. We are in the process of completing due diligence around this so we get the best value for parents but it looks like they will be $85 each. While not decided here is the website for you to check out the company. 
We are also investigating a school beanie.