Board of Trustees

The 2018 BoT
Principal - Gary Shirley
Chairperson - Eugen Dupu
Staff Rep - Chris Allen
Parent Representatives
Ed Finlay
Jessica Wright
Amy Isbister
Ian Elliott
Jason Gonzales
Roles, Responsibilities 
The Papakaio Board of Trustees is focused on governing the school in a way that ensures every child gets the best possible education to prepare them to be responsible and successful citizens.
This is achieved by;
  • having a clear vision and strategic plan
  • hiring and supporting quality and effective staff
  • resourcing programmes and infrastructure
  • setting effective policies and procedures
  • reviewing school and student performance
We are always keen to get feedback on our school's performance.
Policies and Procedures
The school has a set of Policies and Procedures that guide how the school is governed and managed. These are reviewed bi-annually. The Board has key responsibility for the the development of the Policies while the Principal has key responsibility for the procedures.
Below is our Governance Manual.